Spring-water Bubble

May, 2019


What is the perfect proportion of bubble tea?

In the fast-changing tea culture in Taiwan, the rapid development of the tea market has been reconciled, and the term Bubble-Tea has penetrated the streets of the world and has become a new synonym for Taiwan. From traditional to modern tea culture, few glasswares have been designed for cold drinking tea.

With the Chun-Shui Tang X Chunchi collaboration, this time integrates today's innovative cold drinking culture, continues the spirit of product taste, and is the founding source of pearl milk tea. "Chun-Shui Tang", developed a series of cold drink glasses.

Through the upward-lifting of the cup and the curve division, the cup wall fits the hands. It is easy to hold and inherit the traditional tea gesture. The slender form and the external curved refraction create a full and elegant shape. The wide-bodied cup diameter design releases the multi-layered aroma of tea and soup and retains the fullness of the Taiwanese drinking cup.

The cup's curved and round bottom design not only makes the drinks blend well with each other but also allows the bubbles to fall into the round bottom so that each sip of tea and pearls has a perfect ratio. Based on the recycled materials of Taiwan's "Chunchi Glass", they have joined hands with the world-renowned founding shop "Chunshuitang". We invite tea-loving friends in the world to taste a perfect proportion of contemporary tea.


Client:Chun Shui Tang / 春水堂人文茶館 
Design: Wanru Lee
Production: Spring Pool Glass / 春池玻璃

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