Re-presso Spoon

Apr. 2020

Which kind of tableware reflect Taiwanese Diets the most?

Under the influence of a wide array of dietary customs, living habits and mass production at par, the form and structure of utensils has evolve into their conventional forms, Among them, the “flat bottom spoon” is the most commonly used by people in their everyday life, it reflects regular diet, snack culture and even take-out habits in Taiwan. 

Taiwan HYPE: The futuristic Temple

Presenting authentic Taiwan through a creative mixture of folklore, technology and digital art, 

Taiwan HYPE展覽,就是一座未來廟宇。我們轉譯台灣的誠心敬意與人情味,透過現代設計再現廟宇文化及語言 。如同台灣的重要慶典,我們將台灣以最具誠意的方式,傳統民俗、科技、數位創意匯集,精心呈現來自島上的豐沛產物誠心地與神對話。

The traditional five types of sacrifices — rooster, pig, fish, duck and squid — are made into symbols representing the crossover between culture and technology. Selected Taiwanese phonetic symbols — ㄊ, ㄨ, ㄏ, ㄆ — are adopted as the primary elements of design. Visually, part of the animals are integrated with phonetic symbols to form “a new breed.”

將信仰文化中五種祭祀的動物「五牲」— 雞、豬、魚、鴨、魷魚混種創造新生,成為跨文化科技的載體,並透過專屬台灣語言的拼音輔助系統「注音符號-ㄊㄨㄏㄆ」為設計元素,在視覺上彷彿看見輪廓中隱藏不同屬性的動物特徵,與台灣獨有的音標系統共構成為新物種。

Re-presso Spoon

With aesthetics as its basis, and eco-friendliness as core,a cutlery item is reimagined with Taiwanese food culture in mind, taking on a new form aptly named Re-presso Spoon. So bring home a "trash" made new, and rethink how we look at waste and its possibilities.

當設計美感的基因,注入環保的血液裡,兩股有機的力量相遇於台灣的街頭飲食文化之中,長出環境友善的價值,一種食器新物種誕生:《Re-presso Spoon》。跟著我們的觀點,重新建構對於廢棄物的想像,帶一件具有實用性意義新廢品回家。

The Jiao spoon preserves the thickness and durability of traditional porcelain spoon and the simplicity of metal flat spoon; a shape that informs its culture and function.

Soup dumplings, Pork bone soup, Congee, Bean curd dessert.

The Wan spoon is shaped to fit ball-shaped (wan) food that are commonly found in Taiwan and helping to prevent ball-shaped food rolling out of the spoon.

Meatball soup, Steamed sticky rice meat ball, squid ball

The Bao spoon has a comparatively wider bottom to hold Chinese buns (bao) and the gravy that may seep through the buns.

Steamed Sandwich, Pork bun, Pan-fried bun, Ba-wan

Re-presso Spoon, a co-creation by eco-friendly-tech company MINIWIZ, uses the flat-bottomed spoon, a cutlery of choice in Taiwan culture.

With the help of TRASHPRESSO, MINIWIZ’s mobile recycling plant, the artwork adds value to single-use plastic by playfully branding it with different usage and in different sizes - the basic Jiáo (dumpling), the bowl-shaped Wán (ball) and the plate-shaped Bāo (bun).
This newly shaped spoon looks at how culture can be combined with everyday objects and how the future can be shaped through value-added reusage.

《第二湯匙計畫 Re-presso Spoon》與專注環保科技技術的「Miniwiz小智研發」合作,以最日常的「平底湯匙」作基底,應用 Miniwiz 獨家開發的行動綠方舟 TRASHPRESSO ,將一次性塑膠廢棄物賦予新的使用價值,連結台灣生活中的飲食與民俗,汲取出造型及符

Client: JL DESIGN, Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA)
Project Design: PiliWu-Design
Production: MINIWIZ
Designer: Wanru Lee, Ming-Wei Xiao
Special Thanks:  Yu-Cheng Studio, ORDYNARI PEOPLE, Howie Lee

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