ROD Lamp

Jun, 2022

In traditional glass craftsmanship, artisans often use glass rods as the material for further processing. In the 20th century, Italy, a hub for glass artistry, frequently employed it for cutting, arranging, and firing to create colorful objects.

This piece breaks away from the traditional constraints of mouth-blowing and mold pressing, which require working next to the kiln, by utilizing this material solely through cutting and heating to melt and shape.

In terms of overall proportions, it takes the modern desk lamp as an archetype. The glass rods are wrapped and formed around, retaining the natural ripples and irregular edges produced by melting and cutting.

Supported by a metal structure in the middle that connects the upper and lower sections of glass and the bulb, it arranges the elements of the lamp with minimalism and creates the most dazzling refraction effects, allowing the light to spread throughout the environment.

Prototype vol.01

Design: Wanru Lee, Hann Wu
 © 2023 by Wan-Ru Lee