Prototype- 0036

work with Hann ,  Jun. 2019


By deconstructing and reconstructing the elements of the inner world, we create a self-circulated system of intelligent life to imagine a core storyline of living in this complicated outer world with the operation of the information exchange and storage, consumption and production, and energy cycle into the space. The presentation of the space defined as “cell” allows the viewer to rethink of the relationship between dynamic motivation (energy), message collection (input & filter), formation (production), memory accumulation (storage & project), and transformative perspective & horizon (expansion of vision) to experience the ongoing establishment of the context in one’s life in a semi-abstract way.



A.Horizon (Vision)
The outside world will be refracted overlappingly into the space through the defined area.

The visual threshold is not closed or intermittent, but is always changing by the context without boundaries. Through continuous accumulation of experience, the internal stereotypes are being examined while the outer world being comprehended. Through the iteration of fusion and integration, it creates a broader vision from transcending the original to forming new understanding, and furthermore carries out the possibilities of imaginative future.


B. Memory (Storage & Project)

The data center of all experience slices is well-functioning with collection-storage and projection. The experience slice with time and space information in “storage” has reached the internal context of the individual and also as a response to the inherent time. It’s also a projective (or refractive) medium for “A.Horizon” to understand the outer world.


C. Message Processing (Input & Filter)
Every thing experienced by an individual is an element, which may contains multiple other elements. Whether the element exchange is in between individual and individual or internal and external, the elaborate and well-designed mechanisms are needed in this phase to do the work of filtering and classifying and then generate the raw materials for “D.Formation”. No matter which value principle is held as the basis for judgment, it is inevitable to go through a lot of comparison and speculation.


D. Formation (Production)
These random, one-sided, non-continuous materials from “C.Message Processing” will be reconstructed and manufactured into experience slices in this stage. The ontology of experience slice composition is spatiotemporal. After this process, these slices are reorganized according to time and storaged in “B.Memory”.

內部建造「經驗」的過程,在此一過程將C.Message Processing處理過的材料進行重組製造,這些偶然的、零碎的、非連續性的材料構成並附著於本體為包含時空資訊的經驗切片。這些切片都將依照時間序妥善排列在B.Memory插槽中。

E. Motivation (Energy)
Motivation is the fundamental energy system to support the operation of all the stages (A-D) in the inner world. And at the same time, it is the most essential power plant of the cell space which will be triggered and activated by the expansion of “A.Horizon” and the following possibilities of imagination.



The spectrum of experience slice reflects the experience of the subject.

Experience Slices-
04/29/19 01:31:27 25°2'25.96"N 121°32'47.7"E,
08/28/20 13:16:03 31°13'10.24"N 121°27'28.46"E,

01/20/22 22:59:20 25°1'41.34"N 121°31'31.73"E

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