May, 2019

"Even if there are various social attributes that affect people, such as geography, race, culture, technology, and ideology, if we observe the history process from the perspective of the instinct of the human heart, we will find that the logic of using time does not hold, the so-called "prehistoric" There is no essential difference between human beings and "contemporary". Different objects are only the materialized representation of human desires, and the forms presented in different time periods are different. The trend of human history has not become clear because of the appearance of these objects. It is clear that human beings as individuals do not undergo essential changes because of the emergence of "civilization."


WORDS not only as an end also as a new beginning.

Through the imagination of words and the shuttle between the past and the future, we will find that the only constant is the needs of human subjects. The correspondence between form and function, the composition of rules and patterns of the objects and characters. Archaeology infers the relationship between the material and the immaterial through various fragments. In the era when images and words expression have not yet been separated, how can we rule out that nonlinearity is an article of reading?

Here, the words as the only remnant of a previous civilization, at the same time, will also be an important reference for the undeniable opening of the next civilization.



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