Fushion Connection

Jul. 2019

Fushion Connection

"Fushion C○nnection" is a new team creation of 2019, echoing the concept of "Fun City Fun City" as an amusement park, breaking up the spatial positional relationship between the slabs and creating an unpredictable interaction between people in the city. By creating a new form of urban public space, we will awaken the experience of urban citizens' childhood play and rebuild the multi-connection between citizens and citizens.

"Fushion C○nnection" has a span of nearly 10 meters. It is roughly divided into two layers of interactive areas. The inner continuous hills are equipped with recreational habitats, and the outer 12-person circular slab elastic boundary: the outer non-directional seesaw area, through this The mechanism not only retains the expectation of interaction with strangers, but also reduces the psychological cost of interacting with strangers; the interactive experience of the inner resting place connecting the circular boundary, the long-distance interaction can be continued again, and the habitat creates a comfortable space experience and The space is "lowland" where people flow to stay.

Located in Taipei's Wenchuang Building and Songyan Exhibition Space, “Fushion C○nnection” tries to blend individual consumption exhibition activities and open up the possibility of interaction between strangers in the three buildings. The "Le ○" ring structure is open to the public and the crowds are brought together. At the same time, the annular slab area acts as a flexible boundary, which not only attracts people to stay here, but also keeps the inside and the outside open, and creates a rich space experience.

The experience process of "Fushion C○nnection" can be divided into one or more people. The interactive mode can be divided into viewing, experience and staying.

On the periphery, the audience is watching the multi-interaction scene in "C○nnection", whether it is one person, wants to enter the interaction between creation and strangers; or enters together and wants to experience together. "C○nnection" is located between the three buildings. Its circular and open structure can attract the attention of the crowd to the greatest extent, and the people flow in it to gather and enter.

During the experience, it is necessary to repeatedly try the body and exchange the eyes of different objects to finally confirm the person who interacts with himself. This unpredictable, multi-person, one-on-one interaction greatly stimulates the interest of the group and the longer interaction time.

After the experience, the middle of the open space can be used as an extension of the experience, new friends and peers can rest in it to create further communication and connection. The central open space serves as a stop space and can also serve as a city's civic plaza, attracting visitors to cross the elastic boundary, gathering and interacting here.
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