klee klee

February, 2022

we aim to resist the transient nature of fashion retail display props,transforming into a series of sustainable products intended for everyday use and even sale, crafted with precision and product design standards. Consequently, the furniture design, with its appealing proportioned structure, is driven by principles of functionalism and uses durable metal and solid wood as the primary material choices.

Among the two sets of completed furniture, the metal series is assembled from standard industrial profiles such as steel angle, anodized aluminium plates, and aluminum tubes. The assembly-style folding plate process largely avoids labor-intensive procedures like welding and polishing, resulting in highly efficient material procurement and production. When the furniture is discarded, all main materials and accessories can be easily disassembled for recycling.

Each part of the wooden furniture series is Canadian maple of uniform widths – 15cm or 25cm – derived from conventional log size. Apart from necessary structural mortise and tenon, all decorative cuttings are canceled, preserving as much original material in the finished product as possible.

Client / Brand: klee klee & friends,China

Partners-in-charge:Zhenyu Yang, Danjie Yan
Design: Wanru Lee

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